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Our mission, inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge [hoo-gah],is to bring a little piece of happiness into your daily life. Our ethos is gentle indulgence without excess. We like good quality products that have been made with love and are built to last.  

You will find inspiration in our blog and social media channels: think beautiful home interiors and decorating ideas, mixed with laid back recipes, quotes to uplift the spirit, plus insights into the products we have chosen to curate and share with our customers, and their purpose. 

We are updating our product range each month and are immensely proud of the thought and intention that goes into the collections we offer.  To be notified of our new products and to be kept up to date with all our exciting news and developments why not subscribe to ournewsletter? Please take a look around the shop, make yourself at home...

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About Hygge [hoo-gah]

Although most British people are not familiar with the word ‘hygge’ we are all familiar with the concept: finding genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special.  We all understand the idea but until now have never had a simple word for it. The success of the concept in Denmark and perhaps part of the reason the Danes top world happiness charts, is because by giving the concept a name it is easier to put it into practice every day, to seek hygge as an essential element to happiness.  Some other possible translations for hygge, according to author Meik Wiking, are; ‘cosiness of the soul’, ‘taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things,’ or perhaps, ‘cocoa by candlelight.’  Regardless of whether or not you have the perfect translation or even a good pronunciation, hygge is something we can all embrace quite easily.

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